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There is no difference between the sexes and skin types when formulating a skincare line. Skincare is Unisex. Skincare has no Gender.

Some simple truths – yes, most men have thicker, oilier skin and tighter pores but both men and woman typically have an unstable microbiome (the skin’s protective barrier) which can accelerate the aging process and result in a variety of unwanted skin issues. 

When formulating a great skincare product, the ultimate goal is to design it to penetrate the most difficult skin. It must clean, pH balance, hydrate, infuse probiotic nourishment and lock in moisture for men and women of all skin types.

Our goal is to provide you with skincare made simple – an easy-to-use 4-product system that takes the guesswork out of skincare for both men & women with all skin types. 

We achieved this by formulating with high concentrations of bioactive ingredients, including clinically researched plant stem cell extracts, highly absorbable antioxidants, vitamins, and probiotics working together to stimulate skin rejuvenation and effect change.

We believe in effective products that have safe, natural, non-toxic ingredients that won’t harm you in anyway and have guaranteed results.

We invite you to compare our ingredients to any top skincare line. If you’re as serious about skincare as we are, we hope you will begin your skincare journey here and make our skincare system part of your daily ritual. 




Words from our patients

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    The staff was incredible and the Testosterone Replacement program is a must! I feel focused, energized and my wife couldn’t be happier!

    Pablo B.
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    If you’re feeling run down, uninterested and not your normal self, go check them out! You will be glad you did!

    Thomas D.
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    ReacTvate is different, it offers everything needed to make the aging process a little easier with a great staff and a luxurious environment.

    Ryan K.
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