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Platelet-rich plasma, better known as PRP, is an all-natural healing solution derived from your very own blood. Because PRP is highly beneficial for relieving pain and revitalizing your health, Hayley Pisano, NP, provides customized PRP treatments right in the office at ReacTvate Vitality and Wellness Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you’d like to find out how PRP can enhance your well-being, click on the online scheduler to book a consultation. You can also call to speak with a team member directly.


How does PRP work?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a highly concentrated solution of healing components. When you have an injury, no matter how small, your brain sends out signals to begin multiple healing events.

Blood rushes to the area to clot and close up the wound, while growth factors start stimulating cell turnover and helping tissues heal from underlying layers. Over time, a new matrix of tissues and collagen develops to heal the wound entirely.

Platelet-rich plasma speeds up all of these effects. The treatment involves you providing a small blood sample, which then gets processed in a machine called a centrifuge. 

As the centrifuge rapidly spins your blood, powerful growth factors and tissue-generating cells separate into a concentrated solution. This solution — your PRP — is then ready for injection into damaged or injured tissues to promote healing. 

What can PRP treat?

Because PRP is natural and comes from your own blood, you won’t have to worry about adverse side effects or a lengthy downtime. At ReacTvate Vitality and Wellness Center, you can undergo PRP treatments to help with:

  • Aesthetic imperfections, such as scars
  • Sexual dysfunction issues (both men and women)
  • Injuries, such as sprains and strains
  • Arthritic conditions

Hayley may recommend PRP to help with other issues, too. This highly advanced treatment is one of the most in-demand revitalizing services offered at ReacTvate Vitality and Wellness Center. 

Do I need more than one PRP session?

It depends. It takes several weeks for cells to regenerate, turn over, and create new tissues. Hayley usually finds that it takes at least a few weeks for you to start experiencing the benefits of your platelet-rich plasma treatment. 

Usually, you should notice a more dramatic improvement in your symptoms within about 4-6 weeks.

You may achieve your goal and ideal results with just a single session. However, if you have more complex issues, Hayley could recommend two or three monthly PRP sessions at ReacTvate Vitality and Wellness Center. 

Find out how PRP can enhance your health by booking an exam at ReacTvate Vitality and Wellness Center today. Schedule through the website or over the phone. 

Individual results may vary.